Light Painting Has Finally Reached Prague

Light Painting Has Finally Reached Prague
Since April, the light painting workshops visited all of the Czech Republic and travelled even as far as Berlin, Germany. On 20th September, we unpacked our light brushes in our capital where the highlight of the CZECH THE LIGHT project – the second edition of the SIGNAL Festival – is to switch on its lights soon.
The Prague light painting workshop took place in Rašínovo nábřeží Embankment taking the advantage of the beauty of the Vltava River. Light effects leaving traces similar to a painter’s brush on photographs were created in a picturesque venue close to the river providing an ideal space for light art. The workshop was exceptionally led by both tutors who shared their know-how at many previous light painting workshops, Czech artists Andrej Boleslavský and Ondřej Chmel. A number of nice photos originated in the entertaining and cooperative atmosphere on the Vltava River bank.
Where to see the photos? You can, of course, check out the gallery on our website. In case you are unable to find your photo, send us an e-mail message with the approximate time of its creation and information about what is on the picture, we will try to find it and send it to you.
Thank you all for coming! We hope the next light painting workshops that will be held during the SIGNAL Festival will be as popular. The festival will take place on 16th – 19th October in the centre of Prague and should not be missed by anyone who likes to get enchanted by light art!