CZECH THE LIGHT Lit Up Brno. What Could You See in the Streets?

CZECH THE LIGHT Lit Up Brno. What Could You See in the Streets?
The CZECH THE LIGHT series of cultural events settled down in Brno between 15th and 17th May. The event attracted 60,000 people into the streets who were treated to unique light installations in the historic city centre. Therefore, the anniversary edition of the 10th Brno Museum Night enjoyed a radiant company that also brought along entertaining and creative workshops.
On three evenings, Brno was illuminated by works of Czech as well as international artists like Rony Plesl, Andrej Boleslavský, Jakub Nepraš and Vladimír 518 and David Vrbík. Despite rainy weather and low temperatures, crowds of people filled the city centre to admire the fiery Sun, took delight in the dreamy House of Shadows and played with the interactive “CLOUD” of light-bulbs. Have you missed it? You can get a partial picture of how it was like in our photo gallery.

The Brno stop of CZECH THE LIGHT, organized together with other events in the series by the CzechTourism agency in cooperation with SIGNAL festival, was preceded by light painting in the streets on 3rd May. Although the weather was similarly unkind, this family workshop taught by Ondřej Chmela was attended by around 200 participants, who enjoyed making of original photographs capturing strokes of special light brushes (see here for the photo gallery). Other two workshops were also successful. On Friday 16th May, a group of enthusiasts examined the secrets of light design and a day later, workshop participants discovered basics of the popular light painting. Thank you to all for coming to see the Brno CZECH THE LIGHT events!
And where is CZECH THE LIGHT heading next? On 30th May, the streets of Hradec Králové will see the light painting event, and on 31st May, the same event will be repeated in Olomouc. Olomouc is also the place where the diverse light installations will appear between 11th and 14th June to make special this year’s Olomouc City Festival. We are looking forward to seeing you there!