What Will You See at This Year’s SIGNAL Festival?

What Will You See at This Year’s SIGNAL Festival?
The first edition of the SIGNAL Light Festival was visited by 250,000 people last year. The second edition will take place this year between 16th and 19th October and will once again present numerous light installations and video mapping shows that will turn Prague into even more pulsating and radiant heart of Europe.
What is this year’s SIGNAL going to be like? Well, for the time being, we cannot share everything with you ... In any case, you can start looking forward to more than 20 outdoor installations including numerous interactive projects. Of course, there will also be popular video mapping shows on the fronts of major Prague buildings. One of the projections will, once again, adorn the Church of St. Ludmila, but we are also preparing new surprising venues. Unlike last year, we are not only going to present the light projects to you, we will invite you to get engaged.
For example a playful project The Pool brought to Prague by American artist Jen Lewin, will help us with this. This is an installation of light blocks that change their colour according to how visitors move along, the project has already become very popular in Sydney and Singapore. And its Prague version will, no doubt, be a feast for anyone who enjoys playing with the light.
And what’s going to happen next? The second edition of the SIGNAL festival will be visited by a number of foreign artists literally from all over the world – from Australia to South Korea and Turkey, France, Spain and Finland. Naturally, we are also preparing light installations by Czech artists including for example Petr Nikl, Richard Loskot, Floex and many others. Right now we are searching for the best venues in Prague. So keep a close eye on our website and Facebook, soon you will find out where to go in October!