This Evening You Have the Last Chance to Visit the SIGNAL Festival!

This Evening You Have the Last Chance to Visit the SIGNAL Festival!
Large projections animating famous buildings! A symphony of flashing balloons! A coloured disco in Kampa! The Prague SIGNAL Festival, nearing its end now, has been offering these attractions for three evenings.
The last festival evening starts today at 7 p.m. Then you will have exactly 5 hours to let yourselves get overwhelmed by large video mapping shows, visit light installations that you have not seen so far, and get the T-shirts glowing in the dark, crystal decorations or the Signal balloons mentioned above to support the next edition of the festival.
Would you fancy more tips for things you should definitely not miss? This year it is really hard to point out just any of them. Apart from the Cyclique installation in Palackého náměstí Square, you should in particular see the 3D video mapping entitled E:Merge in the neighbourhood of  Tyršův dům, experience the brilliant Evolution in náměstí Míru Square, or visit neighbourhood of Hergetova Cihelna where you can have a little dance enjoying the Flow installation. And this is just the top of the fabulous and entertaining iceberg!
Thank you to all the visitors who have came to see the festival so far, we are looking forward to seeing all of you who decide to come on the last evening too!