The CZECH THE LIGHT Programme in Olomouc Was Preceded by a Light Painting Event

The CZECH THE LIGHT Programme in Olomouc Was Preceded by a Light Painting Event
While we are still looking forward to the main event of the CZECH THE LIGHT programme in Olomouc, on 31st May an entertaining family light painting event took place in Smetanovy sady park with Andrej Boleslavský teaching the special light art there.
About 100 people took part in the light painting event in Olomouc. Most of them brought their own cameras and tripods; a picturesque pond in the park witnessed atmosphere filled with joy and cooperation. Creating of almost unbelievable photo effects using longer exposition could not obviously do without some experimenting. Andrej Boleslavský programmed special light brushes that were easy to work with for everyone; the brushes were used to make unique photos with the CZECH THE LIGHT inscriptions for example. Have a look at them as well as other captured images in our gallery.
Have you been unable to find your original photo in the gallery? Send us an e-mail message with the approximate time of its creation and information about what is on the picture, we will try to find it and send it to you.
The Olomouc light painting event enjoyed nice weather that will hopefully last for two more weeks. On 11th to 14th June, the main programme of the CZECH THE LIGHT series will take place in Olomouc decorating the historical centre of the city with five light installations. At the same time, there will be the traditional Olomouc City Festival with a traditional fair and a procession to the Church of St. Moritz taking place on 13th and 14th June.
Can’t you wait to see it all? We’re also excited! Thank you to all of those who joined the light painting event, we hope to see you (and many others!) in less than two weeks.