Light Painting Illuminated Ostrava; Český Krumlov Is Next

Light Painting Illuminated Ostrava; Český Krumlov Is Next
The CZECH THE LIGHT project is not on holidays! After visiting Olomouc and Pilsen we set out on our light painting trip to Ostrava on 19th July, where the entertaining workshop led by Andrej Boleslavský attracted about 200 people. How did it turn out and what are the photos like?
The light painting event in Ostrava settled in the garden of the Fine Arts Gallery, which was an interesting change after our usual venues like parks and squares. The light effects leaving traces resembling those of a paintbrush adorned sculptures and other artworks this time; have a look at how it looked like out in our gallery.
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The latest light painting event revived a lot of artistic enthusiasm and cooperation although the city hit by scorchers on the day of event was ruled by the Colours of Ostrava music festival. Thank you to all participants! We do hope that the upcoming CZECH THE LIGHT events will also be embraced with so much enthusiasm! How about the next light painting workshop in Český Krumlov on 30th August?