Light Painting Entertained Pilsen. Next Stop Ostrava.

Light Painting Entertained Pilsen. Next Stop Ostrava.
On 21st June, a fun “light painting” family event took place in Pilsen with Andrej Boleslavský teaching the special light painting art. Very nice weather invited around 100 people to take part in another CZECH THE LIGHT preview.
The Pilsen light painting crowd settled in front of the “Vestředu” Gallery enjoying the beauty of a nearby park. The light effects leaving traces similar to those of paint brushes on the photos were created in a very picturesque venue in the centre of the city just ideal for making light art images. The participants mostly brought their own cameras and tripods and cheerful mood inspired creation of dozens of fine photos. 
Where to see the photos? You can, of course, check out the gallery on our website. In case you are unable to find your photo, send us an e-mail message with the approximate time of its creation and information about what is on the picture, we will try to find it and send it to you.
Thank you all for coming! We hope that the next light painting events will be also as popular. The closest one will take place in Ostrava on 19th July!