CZECH THE LIGHT to Visit Český Krumlov and Berlin

CZECH THE LIGHT to Visit Český Krumlov and Berlin
Holidays are drawing to a close and the CZECH THE LIGHT project, supported by the Czech Tourism agency together with the SIGNAL Festival, is about to offer more. By mid September we are going to present four events all of them featuring original light art.
Light painting in the streets of Český Krumlov will have its turn first. This relatively new art form will be presented at an entertaining interactive workshop on 30th August. The workshop will be led by light artist Andrej Boleslavský; the entire event is designed for families with kids as well as for all those who wish to try light painting. In light painting, darkness serves for canvass and different sources of light are used as brushes to create light paintings. In fact almost incredible photo effects can be created using long exposure.
The workshop starts at 9:00 p.m. in Náměstí Svornosti square, admission is free; if you have your own camera and tripod, do not definitely leave your home without them. More photo equipment means more groups being able to work at the same time; the participants will, of course, be also able to take the prints of their works home with them.
The most interesting things, however, are to come on 5th and 6th September in Český Krumlov. Six works of light art by distinguished Czech and international artists will light up the streets of the town. After dark (precisely between 9:00 p.m. and midnight), visitors will be able to see for example the Sun by Josef Šafařík, or Metropolia installation by Jakub Nepraš. And most of all, they can start looking forward to the popular interactive Cloud by Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett, which will shine near the bridge in Hradební street.
The main event in Český Krumlov will be accompanied by another light painting workshop where you will learn how to use the fabulous photo effects in a more proficient way. The workshop will take place on 5th September and will be led by Andrej Boleslavský who will also present his ArchiBio installation in Český Krumlov. Unlike the first “light painting in the streets” event, the second workshop is designed for more advanced enthusiasts who have already learnt the light painting basics. Apart from new skills all participants will also be able to take their works home with them. If you can, bring your own camera and tripod to the workshop.
What else is there to come in the first half of September? Before the CZECH THE LIGHT project shifts its attention to Prague for good, the light painting is also going to visit Berlin! The family workshop is going to visit Germany on 13th September; stay tuned for more information. Check out the CZECH THE LIGHT website and our Facebook profile.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Český Krumlov and Berlin!