10 Important Tips for SIGNAL Festival 2014

10 Important Tips for SIGNAL Festival 2014
The SIGNAL Light Festival, the largest cultural event of the last autumn was visited by a quarter of million of curious viewers. This year’s second edition on 16th to 19th October will attract visitors by offering them more than 20 light installations, 4 large-format video mapping projections and a rich collection of related programmes. The festival team expects the number of visitors to reach 350 thousand. You should therefore start to plan what exactly do you want to see. Are you already making plans for the upcoming SIGNAL? That's the spirit! If you want to get most of it, remember our 10 tips how to enjoy this year’s festival to your heart’s content!

1) Do Not Miss Out Fascinating Video Mapping Shows

Video mapping projections are the major attraction of light festivals all around the world. Four of them will see their premiere at the SIGNAL Light Festival 2014! The festival will be officially opened by Hungarian masters of sound and image MaxIn10sity, who will light up the Kinski Palace (Palác Kinských) in the Old Town Square at 7:00 p.m. on 16th October. A unique 3D projection E:Merge that will be projected on the front of the Michna Palace (Michnův Palác) is being prepared by the Turkish art group Nerdworking – do not forget to wear your 3D glasses, you will be able to buy them directly in the video mapping venue! Spanish experimentalists Onionlab are preparing their work entitled Evolution for the Prague festival, the video mapping will be brought to life on the front of the St. Ludmila Church. And last but not least, there will also be the Australian group The Electric Canvas known for lighting the famous Sydney Opera House, for example. What are they working on for Prague? They are going to turn the front of the Prague Municipal Library in Mariánské náměstí Square into a giant screen for their Out of Place video mapping.


2) Get a Swim in a Light Pool in Kampa

The Pool installation (by American artist Jen Lewin) created for the famous Burning Man festival in the USA will see its Czech premiere at the SIGNAL Festival! After its success in Sydney and Singapore, visitors will be able to enjoy this exceptional interactive installation in the Prague Kampa Park. The Pool consists of a hundred of light blocks organized in a circle on the ground and interconnected. By moving within the field visitors interact to change colours and organization of the light by their position and movement.

3) Kraken to Be Released into the Vltava River

Czech artists, Petr Nikl, Richard Loskot and David Černý are also getting their works ready for the festival. Young Czech artist Gabriela Prochazka is even going to release Kraken into the Vltava River. In her magic show, Prochazka refers to the mystical bioluminescence of the deep sea creatures. This legendary giant sea creature will appear close to the Charles Bridge during the SIGNAL Festival.

4) Help Create a Crystal Installation

Visitors will get an opportunity to help create a monumental light installation entitled Crystallation designed by Jaroslav Bejvl jr. in front of the Rudolfinum building. This tunnel-shaped walk-through installation that is being prepared in cooperation with Preciosa company, the leading Czech glass manufacturing company, will only be adorned by some of its crystal decorations on the first festival day. The interplay of light and cut crystal glass promises a unique dazzling experience, and hardly anyone will want to miss the chance to help complete this work of art. Visitors will be able to buy the crystal decorations in the installation venue or in the festival Infopoint kiosks.


5) Do Magic! Change Sound into Light, Touch the Rainbow…

Try out magic: control projection by your voice! The interactive installation MURMUR by Chevalvert that will cover one of the sides of the Old Town Bridge Tower will be turning sound into light waves. In case this is not enough for you, designer Richard Loskot will make it possible for you to touch the rainbow! His installation Large Spectrum (Velké spektrum) using rotating glass prisms to decompose a light beam to get all the colours of rainbow will be installed in Ovocný trh Square during the festival.

6) Festival Cruises

As we cooperate with the Prague Venice company visitors will be able to cruise among some of the festival installations on “Vodouch” boats. During their cruise lasting about 30 minutes, all visitors will be able to release Chinese lanterns to float on the Vltava River. A ferry connecting both banks of the river will also be operating in the course of the festival to take visitors from Hergetova cihelna to Platnéřská 2 wharf, or in the opposite direction.

7) Paint with Light

Light painting workshops will be run on the festival days. Learn to create fabulous photo effects using special “light brushes”! The rich collection of related programmes will include tatooling, video mapping and light design as well.


8) Talk Art

Debates and round tables discussing different topics are prepared for professionals. There will be for example a debate on creative branches and a round table to discuss organization of light festivals.

9) Support Your Festival

You can support the SIGNAL Light Festival mainly by becoming its part during the four festival days and letting yourself be enchanted by the magic of the light projections. In some installation venues, there will be Infopoint kiosks, where you will be able to refresh yourself and buy SIGNAL merchandise – a bilingual festival guide for CZK 40, 3D glasses to fully enjoy the video mapping projection on the Michna Palace as well as the crystal decorations needed to complete the Crystallation installation. Some designers have also prepared special T-shirt editions with the motives of their art works, the T-shirts will start to be offered by the ZOOT e-shop during October.

10) Stay Tuned – Even If You Have No Signal

The 2014 SIGNAL Festival application, that all visitors will find handy, is about to be launched on the upcoming days. This electronic guide will contain a map of the light installations, profiles of the art works and artists as well as three recommended tours: the first one for families with kids, the second tour along interactive installations for visitors who like to play, and the third tour alongside the Vltava River. The application will be available in Czech and English for iOS and Android. Visit our website www.signalfestival.com for the latest news.

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